Since completing a graphic communications program at City College of San Francisco in 2008, I have worked as a senior graphic designer at the University of California, San Francisco, producing primarily print materials for the Institute for Global Health Sciences.

In freelance projects I hope to work with small local businesses, farmers, non profit organizations, visual artists, writers, musicians, gardeners, bicyclers, beekeepers, and social and environmental justice advocates. I am interested in promoting ways we can better care for the earth and each other.

I live in Vallejo, California, and I have a background in art and craft (with a BA in art and women’s studies from University of California, Santa Cruz). Some of the things I make, you can view in my shop, Vallejo Love. Others you can find in Handmade.

My name is spelled Kerstin, but it's Swedish and therefore pronounced shashtin.
© Kerstin Svendsen 2015 | Photos are by me, Marco Sanchez, Bob Lake, and Cindy Chew.